Friday, July 20, 2012

Funday Friday

Good evening,

A fun wee day was had here in Room 2. And outside Room 2, as it happens.

We read a book about dinosaurs, so, of course, we had to act like dinosaurs. Both plant eaters...

...and meat eaters!

After morning tea, Room 12 joined us and we started a new arts unit - dancing! Ha! All based around the Cicada and the Ants.

Cicada and the Ants

So, we watched a very old Disney clip along the same lines...

...and then we popped along to the hall to use the dance elements of pathways and levels.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Grant

Oh, and in case you're wondering where their Effort and Behaviour books are, they're here - as unexpected as this may seem, I hadn't got round to pasting Term 3's sheets in! They're done now, so you'll get them home next week.

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