Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creation Thursday

Good afternoon,

This afternoon was, well, dominated by our R.E. lesson about the creation.

So we showed Room 1 what we had learned.

And then off to Room 10, who then taught us some Maori.

And a good time was had by all.

CU tomorrow,

Mr Grant

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flashback Wednesday

Good afternoon,

This morning Red Reading Group popped outside to act out their text for the day Come on, Tim

Come On, Tim

This afternoon's R.E. lesson was a two parter. First describe what God is like through looking at pictures of nature...

...and then a bit of a flashback to one of Room 1's early morning routines!

We then continued to sort animals.

CU in the morning,

Mr Grant

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Funday Tuesday

Good afternoon,

Today ended on a bit of a high note.

We started with our usual literacy and numeracy routines...

(Here the children are identifying blends on this week's big book - one of the cool things we can do with scanned texts uploaded to the Active Board. Try doing this with a paper big book and see your teacher's reaction!)

Then, since it was so jolly cold outside, despite the sunshine, the children ate their lunch inside, watching Veggie Tales' take on the story of Esther.

Highly recommended.

After singing, we popped outside with Room 12 for another activity in our ongoing P.E. unit - Pukeko Feet.

The children had to move around an area in different ways, then join up with their partners

Here, they had to match right ears.

Then the game was changed in line with suggestions from the children. It became more of a 'follow your partner' exercise, again moving in different ways.

As birds.

As lions.

As fish.

And as sloths!

And a good time was had by all. Specially me, I found it very amusing!

Mr Grant

Hmm, camera must have been on the wrong setting, those photos are much smaller than usual...

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Ride of the Molestrangler

Good evening,

I have just received this tale from Dayle, and thought I'd share it with you all...
Hi all.

Well, I'm back in one piece from the Scooter Safari and would like to report mixed results.

The ride started from my work at Air NZ's Hangar 1 at 8.00am on Saturday morning. Fortunately our Good Lord was kind and the was no wind or frost.

Although the ride was limited to 250 scooters, some interlopers did sneak in, so it was very busy for the first few minutes until the pack sorted itself out.

I passed the first dead scooter well before Orana Park, just west of the airport, and the carnage continued steadily on from there. Fortunately my little Chinese engine kept buzzing away, which was a great relief as the carburettor had decided to commit hari-kari the day before leaving me in a blind panic rushing around Christchurch trying to find another!

My mate Fingers on a very similar bike struck problems early on, while my other friend Haydn, on another powered-bike, gave me the [edited for delicate sensibilities!] and disappeared into the distance.

The first stop was at Kirwee and my aching back forced me to raise the handle bars an inch or two, which proved to be a bonus.

By the time I got to Sheffield my back had gone numb and the Molestrangler had proved itself to be reliable but slow. I was near the back of the group but still making steady progress.

After a short stop to refuel bike and rider we carried on to what was my main fear, Porters Pass. By this time a strongish headwind and the incline were causing the Molestrangler some distress, but worse was to come at Porters Pass when she said, "Enough fella; I'm taking a rest and you're walking."

There was no shame in this as there were numerous other riders doing the same thing. I got to about half way up when one of my support crew offered me a lift. Bravely, I said no, I'm walking to the top and carried on.

Five minutes later a total stranger offered me a lift in his van. This time courage and determination took a hike and I hitched a ride.

I met up with my other team-mate Andy in his tiny Suzuki FA50 and we cruised down towards the next stop at Lake Lyndon. On the way, we were passed by Fingers who seemed to have overcome his difficulties and was going like a rocket.

By the time we got to Lake Lyndon nearly everyone else but our crew had gone, so we quickly re-fuelled and carried on. The ride across the plateau was like a race in slow motion as Andy would get away from me and then I would catch him etc. It was through here I saw the massive top speed of just under 70kph! (downhill, clutch in, motor off!!)

Again we stopped at Flock Hill Station for some fuel and to tighten a couple of nuts that were vibrating loose. (I checked the bike as well!) It was here I found out that Fingers was having more problems and Hayden's bike had a terminal electrical issue. On the other hand, the Molestrangler (which up until the day before had been giving me gray hairs) was not setting the world on fire, but hadn't missed a beat. It wasn't too keen on the higher altitude and was down a little on power (which is an issue when you've got b... all to start with!) but it seemed happy to keep plugging on.

The next stop was at the Bealy Pub for lunch. The ride through the latter part of this area covered alot of the same road I'd traversed many years before on the Coast to Coast. In a joke at my own expense, I noted I was alot faster back then without an engine! Andy and I arrived at the Bealy, but we pretty much missed lunch because of our late arrival. The weather looked a bit grim ahead, so we changed into more suitable gear.

We had another massed start at the Bealy and headed towards Arthurs Pass, where after another re-group we started up the climb towards the top of the pass.

This was my next greatest worry because I was certain I would have another pushing session here, but the Molestrangler was in it's stride. I had to pedal assist a few times, but we did make it up without dropping below 20kph.

The weather at the top of the pass was atrocious and the visibility awful, but inside my helmet I was smiling because I thought, "This little b...s done it! It's got me top the top of the pass. All we have to do is get down the (Otira) viaduct and it's down hill from there."

I'd spoke (or thought) too soon. A minute or so later I noticed the forks (they hold the front wheel on) wobble a bit and the steering started to miss-behave. I pulled over for a look and saw the weld at the top of the forks had let go and they were all but broken. That was it, our day was over.I waited in the rain for my crew to arrive. We loaded the bike and I got into a car.

I had mixed feelings sitting in the back of a car as I went down the viaduct. I was disappointed at the way we went out. Everyone had expected the cheap Chinese motor to explode and die on the road somewhere, but it didn't. It was the only such machine to keep running and it was let down by a structural failure.

On the up-side I was glad it happened at the top of the pass and not while I was bombing down the viaduct. That would have been an ugly prospect!

The bright side was that Andy on his wee FA50 was still trucking along. We stopped at Jackson's and Kumara for him and it was a real pleasure to see him keep going. He was the underdog of the team and he (and the wee FA50) turned in a champion performance, all the way to Holitika on a bike desinged for a max load of 79kg's! (and Andy's not 79kg's!!)

The true bright side of the day was that we were part of a $230,000 fund-raising effort for the cancer society. On my helmet I had an inscription dedicating the ride to my uncle Murdo and Ani's aunty Juliette. Both people were real characters, the sort of people that would have revelled in the fun and the atmosphere of the scooter safari, so I'm sure they'd both had a smile at their chubby middle-aged nephew struggling on his powered bike and may have given me the odd push on a hill when I was too knackered to notice.

Thanks to you all for your help and support.
Well done Dayle for getting that far - I was sure it'd bomb out before Springfield!! :-)

Mr Grant

Monday's CRT

Good afternoon,

Well, I think I've finished the reports. I think. Depends on how they're received by them whats above me like!

Today Mrs Grant was in the room, and, by the looks of these photos...

...a good time was had by all!

Right, back to my Typhoon.

It's due on Thursday!

Mr Grant

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Molestrangler Is On It's Way!

Good evening,

By the time you will have read this Dayle McKenzie will be on his way on his wonderful scooting machine.

And I quote...
Hi all.

Well, it's D-day tomorrow for the Scooter Safari.

The 'Flying Molestrangler' is ready (as ready as it's every going to be anyway), and I'm quite nervous.

Only 253k's on that seat and those handlebars!

The Scooter Safari has raised $170,000 and counting for the Cancer Society. My personal tally is just hovering around $600.

To those of you who have donated, thank you very much. To those of you who have offered me support, I think you sincerely as well.

It's still not too late to donate. You can follow this link to my Fund-raising page or Google Trans Alpine Scooter Safari, find Team Molestrangler and donate there.

Anyway, thanks again to you all.


Dayle MacKenzie.
Good luck Dayle! You may need it! :-)

Friday's Buzzing!

Good afternoon,

This morning we read a poem about a buzzy bee...

...buzzed into some classrooms after fitness...

...who, in turn, buzzed into Room 2.


After morning tea, yet more paper macheing was undertaken - thanks to Kisa, Nina and Nana Pam!

On the way through to the library, we buzzed into Room 4...

...and again, after assembly.

And a good time was had by all.

Have a great weekend, and see you at Quiz Night tonight.

Mr Grant

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Theology

Good afternoon,

This afternoon, after some discussion about writing information reports...

(we'll actually start putting pen to paper next week!)

...we had our Holy Spirit summative assessment.

Holy Spirit Summative Assessment

Which may or may not have been a week early. Opps! Ah well, they all did well in it...

Then, to break up the afternoon, we visited Room 11...

...and then Room 12...

...before deciding on which kind of cat we liked.

And a good time was had by all!

CU in the morning,

Don't forget, we're paper macheing again at about 11 o'clock. Any offers of help will be gladly accepted.

Mr Grant