Friday, September 28, 2012

Frantic Friday

Well, I don't know about the children, but my head was spinning!

Good afternoon,

This morning kicked off with a wee poem...

The Cardboard Fort

By Kenn Nesbitt

I found an empty cardboard box.
I made myself a fort.
I had to squeeze and twist and turn
and crumple and contort
to climb inside, but now I'm quite
embarrassed to report
I'm stuck inside this cardboard box
that's clearly much too short.
Has anybody got a box
that isn’t quite so taut?

...then some fitness with Room 12. Well, a game of seaweed really.

The rest of the day was spent arranging, practising and performing our assembly.

Thanks for the support all term, and have a well deserved break.

Mr Grant

Oh, by the way, the boys wanted you all to see their handiwork.

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