Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ritual Wednesday

Good afternoon,

Today, as well as identified blends during our Big Book session...

...and creating crocodiles and such during reading...

...we discussed rituals.

We then applied some SOLO thinking to our prayer rituals...

...extending our thinking to "relational" by using the word "because". (Those are sposed to be a candle and a statue of Mary respectively!)

We our topic discussions also crossed over with R.E. a bit as we identified how to apply the Golden Rule.

Right, on to tomorrow.

Your child may have come home with a bit of a story about how they are to wear different types of shoes on each foot tomorrow. They'd be right.

And I quote...
On Thursday the 13th of September the student council will be holding an 'Odd Shoe Day' to rais money for Camp Quality, which is a child cancer foundation [initiative]. All that is required of you is to come to school with odd shoes - the odder the better! It is not mufti day so please come in your normal uniform. We also need you to bring a gold coin donation to fund raise for the Camp Quality Awareness Fund.

Please also send sports shoes so they can still do fitness - it's hard to run in one gumboot and a slipper!

Oh, and also the art from last week will be on display in the old Room 7 from 8:45 in the morning. Pop along and have a looksee. At the moment, Room 2's art is the only art without names or room number! I'm hoping to rectify that in the morning!

Bye for now,

Mr Grant

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