Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shiel[d] Be Right Thursday

Good afternoon,

This afternoon we reminded ourselves (or tried to) of who the Greeks fought...

...themselves...and who the Roman fought...


Then we began thinking about and discussing what design we might like on our Greek shields. A bit like this...

(I couldn't call myself a wargamer if I didn't show well painted ancient Greek wargame miniatures when talking about ancient Greeks - though I'll buy mine, rather than hand paint them...)

Here are our initial ideas...

...though these will have to be whittled down to a more manageable number, eh Sarah?!

Speaking of sharing ICT wizardry, here is what we did for R.E. this afternoon.

We finished off our Describe Map that we started yesterday, and then the children worked in pairs to complete their own.

I'll hang 'em round the room. The describe maps, not the children!

Speaking of the children working together, here they are during writing this morning...

...and all praying for Galoop first thing this morning!

And that was our day!

Mr Grant

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