Monday, October 15, 2012

We're Back Monday

Good afternoon,

And welcome to Term 4. We're back baby!

Thank you for your enthusiasm about this term's Topic topic...

...and thanks to Shane (Tyron's dad - he's in the M Team now) for the wood and cutting thereof, thanks to Dale for the armour prototyping and corrugated card supply, and thanks to Fredrikka for the putting together of the chitons, once we get the material. (Oh, and thanks to Sarah who's going to do some painting and, hopefully, pattern making for shield designs...though she doesn't know it yet!)

Speaking of material, does anyone feel like sourcing any? We're after something like this...

I/we can reimburse costs now that the wood will be free. (I hope Shane's got enough to spare - 26 shields at 600mm diameter is quite a bit...)

Speaking of Topic, we actually started some this afternoon. A very brief look at the contrasting concepts of Greek city states...

...compared to the Imperial Roman mega state.

Which is actually quite a hard concept to grasp for a youngin'.

Ideally, by the end of Week 4 I hope the children to have...

  • Self assess
    • Did I have fun?
    • Did I participate and contribute
      • Did I play my part in the phalanx?
  • Compare and contrast at least two aspects of Greek and Roman life
    • Warfare important to both
      • Small Greek City States fought to retain independence
        • Greeks fought each other
      • Massive Imperial Roman State fought to get more land, to deny others of their independence - slaves!
        • Romans fought everyone
    • Both had sophisticated governments
      • Greek Democracy
      • Imperial Roman Dictatorship
    • Both wore similar clothes
      • Greek Chiton (buttons and tucking)
      • Roman Toga (draping and tucking)
    • Identify democracy as that which has survived from Ancient Greece, and compare it to how we do it in New Zealand
Hopefully. If nothing else they'll get to dress up!

Mr Grant

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