Friday, October 19, 2012

Shield Day Friday

Good afternoon,

Yay! They've arrived! Shane has dropped off 30 MDF 600mm diameter precisely cut circles that will form the back bone, so to speak, of our Room 2 shield phalanx.

So, while the children checked out the topic books...

...I culled down yesterday's shield design into a more manageable number...

...which the children then drew and justified...

...subsequent from a discussion about the similarities and differences of Greek and Roman fighting.

Earlier still we went out for fitness - relays.

I kind of got distracted by something, lost count of who went when, so they just kept on going! It was great to hear them puffing when they got back into the room to get changed - it meant they'd actually done some exercise!

Right, to get these shields upholstered...

Have a great long weekend,

Mr Grant

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