Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Absent Wednesday

Good afternoon,

And a lovely afternoon it has turned out to be. Much brighter than it was at about 10:30 - that partial eclipse was pretty cool. Literally, you could feel a drop in temperature.

Anyway, today, while I was beavering away at report comments Room 2 look to have had a great time.

Some swimming...

...some measurement-with-non-standard-units... well as some reading. And response to reading. Specifically Whero group built the Barnabys' house.

Initial feedback from this afternoon's union meeting seems to be that the government is offering teachers a 0.5% wage increase. The CPI increased 0.8 percent from the September 2011 quarter to the September 2012 quarter according to Stats NZ. So...they're offering a pay cut?

And then they want to install a secretary of education that would have the power to override any collective agreement that NZEI signs. Sounds like a bad idea to me...

Mr Grant

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