Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Photos Tuesday

Good afternoon,

'Twas only after school finished that I realised that I've been too busy during the day to take photos of the children doing stuff.

Sorry about that.

Thank you Dale and Ani for spending so many hours cutting out the helmet components and for coming in this afternoon to fit them on the children. Thanks Melissa for lending a hand with that too. They look way cool!

Speaking of thanks and way cool, Sarah Clapp dropped off the shields that she was painting for me. Thanks Sarah, they look, well, way cool!

And speaking of other way cool stuff, the chitons that Fred made us all, the ones that were sent home to be dyed (or not, no worries) over the weekend, can they please be sent back to school tomorrow and Thursday. I'd like to have a dress rehearsal, of sorts, for Friday's demonstration on Thursday afternoon.

As for tomorrow, well, the room is looking great (thank's ladies!!) and I even managed to find the top of my desk!

You won't see that sight very often!

Thanks again, and see you in the morning,

Mr Grant

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