Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tuesday

Much the same as last Tuesday really.

Good afternoon,

We swam...

...and if you were to believe the photographic evidence, that was it. To be fair, we did do some other stuff, even reading instruction...

CU tomorrow,

And, at the same time, not. I'm off to a union meeting in the afternoon, so the class is being split three ways after lunch.

Oh, and I may have forgot to mention this.

Dear Parents,

We would like to raise the social conscience of our students by them performing an action for someone less fortunate than themselves.

We are suggesting that each child either donates a portion of their pocket money, or earns money by doing a task so that they can buy a small Christmas gift for a child of their age who will not be able to celebrate Christmas to the same extent as they will this year.

From December 3 through to Dec 12 we ask that the gifts be brought to the classroom and placed under their class Christmas tree. Please label the gift with the gender and appropriate age. The gifts will be distributed by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

On Friday December 14 there will be a Gift Giving Ceremony at 11:45 approx. in the School Hall. The students will come up and place their gifts under a school Christmas Tree.


Term 4 Planning Team

It's only a couple of weeks late...

Mr Grant

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