Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Photo Two's Day

Good evening,

Another busy day here (or there, as the case may be) at school today.

We had some visiting Year 10s from Hilmorton High who adapted, wrote, produced (including props and costumes) and performed The Cat in the Hat for OLA just after morning tea. Since I haven't their express permission to publish photos of said production, you'll have to trust me, it was well done and very well received. My favourite part was Room 2's reaction to some of the cheeky antics of the main players!

After lunch, and J Team singing...

...we ended our day outside enjoying some non stop cricket, complete with cricket tees that I didn't know of!

Thanks Mr A!

I won't be in tomorrow seeing as a group of us teachers will be spending the day at E-Time to set up Ultranet. Which reminds me, I've got to set up some administration accounts tonight...hope I remember how to!

Mrs O'Neill will be at the helm.

CU Thursday,

Mr Grant

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